At Tommaso Cardullo, we take pride in making clothing that is made to measure. This means that shopping with us is much more than a quick visit to the store. Rather, it is an experience that we hope you will cherish.

When you walk into our atelier in Holladay, you will be greeted by an associate who will guide you through the shop and help you find a piece of clothing you love. We believe that everything begins with you, and your experience will be focused on just that. Take a look around, touch, feel and find what makes you happy.

This is where the made to measure part comes in. Once you find something you love, we’ll make it so that you love it even more. We’ll take your measurements so that we can have it made to fit you, not the sample size you find off-the-rack at any other store.

We want to ensure that you love every little thing about your clothing. If you want a shorter sleeve, we’ll shorten it. Knee-length dresses can be made full-length. Heels can be made taller and buttons can be placed elsewhere. There are no limits.

Once your custom design is finalized, we’ll send it over to our artisans who will create your masterpiece with care. When the final product arrives, we’ll call you back to the shop and ensure that it’s exactly what you want — we won’t let you take it otherwise.

Remember, this experience is about you — so we’ll make the perfect piece for you. Made to measure. Book your consultation today, we hope to see you soon.