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What Makes Us Special

At Tommaso Cardullo, everything begins with the individual. The biggest difference between us and other tailoring companies is our people. People who measure our clients, design and cut the patterns, sew, press, deliver, alter, wear and enthuse about our beautifully tailored clothes.

People dedicated to skill and craftsmanship who work with their hands to turn raw material into a product of distinction.


Tommaso recalls a time in Italy, not long ago, when he would wander the cobblestone streets of Sicily and routinely discover goods crafted with precise attention to design and quality. Each week new items were displayed in windows of the shops he would pass on his walk to school. Each piece was fresh, unique, and always reasonably priced.

That same sense of uniqueness thrives in Tommaso Cardullo’s clothing. With roots in Umbria, we’ve partnered with the top family-owned factories, whose skills have been passed on generation after generation, to produce both timeless and fashion forward clothing that is uncompromised in construction.